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Year Customer Project
2023 Royal Canin Gimje Packing Line Machine and Facilities Fabrication 
          And Installation
2023 BJR

Yongin Blander Mixer(STS) 8 sets Fabrication

2023 Anyang Yunhap Feed Co.,Ltd

Ansan 4th Double Pellet Machines Installation and Other 

          Facilities Installation

2023 Boo Kook Feed Co.,Ltd

Asan 20,000 Ton per Month Feed Mill New Factory Plant 


        (Machines & Facilities Manufacture & Installation)

2022 Royal Canin

Gimje Dryer PiLLOW & FG Silo Structure and Others Work

2022 Hyundai Oil Bank (Micro-one)

Seosan Hyundai Oil Bank #3th , #9th Desulfuriztion

            Facilities Line Machine Manufacture Work

            (Bag Filter, DIR, NaHCo3 Silo)

2022 Hanil Chemical Ind. (Micro-one)

Dangjin Hanil Chemical Packing Line Dust Collection Machine 

            & Facilities Fabrciation & Installation

2022 Clenko (Micro-one)

Cheongju 2nd Line Bag Filter Work

2022 Daegu Livestock Cooperative

Daegu Frake Mixer Recovery Work

2022 BB Korea

Pyeongtaek Hammer Mill Set Manufacture

2022 Dodram DS Feed Co.,Ltd

Icheon DS I-Cheon New Feed Mill Factory Construction

2022 Fasco Precision Co.,Ltd

Daegu Grinding Machine Fabrication

2022 Woosung Feed Co.,Ltd

Nonsan Main Mixer Fabrication & Installation Work

2022 Heungsung Feed Co.,Ltd

Ansan Flow Conveyor and Other Facilities Fabrication & 


2022 Wooriwa Co.,Ltd

Eumseong 1st Grinding Line Work

2022 Mezzion Co.,Ltd

Yesan Feed Mill Factory M/C & Facilities Replacement Work 

          for Recovery

2022 Heungsung Feed Co.,Ltd

Ansan Pellet 2nd & Conditioner Fabrication & Instrallation

2022 Hapcheon Livestock Cooperative

Hapcheon Feed Mill Factory M/C & Facilities Replacement Work 

               for Recovery

2022 Canariabio Co.,Ltd

Cheonan Main Mixer Line Replacement Project

             (Screener, Bucket E/V, Bag Filter, Flow C/V, Etc.)

2022 Farmsco Co.,Ltd

Chilgok Machines Fabrication (Paddle Mixer, Drum Coater)

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