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Year Customer Project
2015 Sosdam Paddy Company

Cambodia Kondal Province 

Grain Drying Facility (Concurrent Flow  System Dryer) Factory Construction  (Hyesung Cambodia)

2015 Taeyoung Grain Terminal Co.,Ltd. Pyeongtaek  Taeyoung Grain Terminal Machinery Manufacture (T.S.E)
2015 Jungil Co.,Ltd. Ansan  Kiln Drier Manufacture
2015 대우발전젠파워 Thermal Decomposition Facilities Installation
2014 Cheonghotech Industrial Silo Production Work
2014 Cheonghotech Industrial Silo Production Work
2014 SN Co.,Ltd. Ansan  Slaked Lime (Calcium Hydroxide) Silo, SUS chemical Tank Manufacture & Installation
2014 CJ CheilJedang Ansan  Cooking Oil Facility Work
2013 Samsung Display Co.,Ltd. Cheonan  Samsung Display’s Cheonan Factory SDC 5,6 Line Manufacture / Installation (Durr Korea Co.,Ltd.)
2013 Samsung Display Co.,Ltd. Tangjeong  Samsung Display’s Tangjeong Factory T8 Line Manufacture (Durr Korea Co.,Ltd.)
2013 MWE Sarh Attqunia Contract

Saudi  Storage Steel Tanks for Urban Abha PhaseⅠ / Rawna, Saudi Arabia

EPC for Steel Storage Tanks 125,000㎥ x 2 Sets (6,150 Ton)

2013 PT. Dongyang Indonesia Indonesia  Installation work of Water Springkler System for Raw Material Handling Facility of Krakatau Posco Integrated Steel Mill Project
2012 Korea Food Research Institute Cambodia  RPC M & E Construction Project in Cambodia
2012 Hyundai Engineering Co.,Ltd.

U.A.E  Field Fabricated Tanks, LBO Production Facilities Project

Al Ruwais Refinery Plant -  Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

(16200㎥  9 tanks, 8400㎥ x 3 tanks, 5000㎥ x 3 tanks)

2011 Chungnam Global Agriculture Resource Devlopment Cambodia  Drying Corn Factory New Project in Cambodia
2010 Petro Ecuardor Ecuador  GLP Ecuador Project
2010 Sindongbang CP Ansan  Starch-manufacturing Factory Line Additional Work
2009 Doosan Heavy & Industries & Construction

U.A.E  Potable Water Storage Tank Fabrication/Erection Works.

Shuweihat S2 Desalination Plant Project (89,627㎥ Tank 6 units) – Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

2009 Hyundai Rotem Hyundai Steel Mill in Dangjin
2007 CHC Pearl GTL/FGP Project in Qatar
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